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Curation, Social Business and Beyond
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How Startups Can Gain Visability and Reputation by Curating Great Content

How Startups Can Gain Visability and Reputation by Curating Great Content | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |

I selected this wonderful piece by Michael J. Fern of Intigi because it reinforces the importance of curation and has a lot of great insights.

In this article the author refers to Robert Scoble,who has built an enormous following on several social networks by curating and sharing the latest news about technology and startups.

He says that just like Scobleizer, startups should use curation to catapult their online presence and influence.

**Curation is a useful approach for all companies but especially for startups:

Here's what especially caught my attention:

**Thought Leadership


If outsiders view your company as a key source of  industry informataion, you will quickly build your brand recognition as well as develop trust and goodwill among customers.

**Hub of Information


By being first to market as a content curator in your space and by hosting curated content on your website, you can quickly rise as a primary destination site for those interested in your industry.



By creating a bundle of articles, images, videos or websites that relate to a specific them and keeping it updated, this “guide” can become an important resource for social media marketers.

**Content with Commentary


Using 3rd party articles and adding your own point of view you can build a dedicated following. He refers to Daring Fireball, a blog that has built an impressive loyal following of 30,000

One Takeaway: 

**Successful curators often employ several of these approaches in addition to producing their own original content

Curated by Jan Gordon covering "Content Curation, Social Business and Beyond"

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Fampus Aims to be Best Curated Database of Events for College Students

Fampus Aims to be Best Curated Database of Events for College Students | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |
As college students get back into the swing of things at school this fall, Des Moines-based startup Fampus is hoping to make itself a prominent part of their planning.


Fampus has a core team of 12 employees, plus 3-5 interns at every school where it’s operational. Goldman said the curation of event data made possible by the company’s presence on the ground at schools helps separate Fampus from other alternatives.


“We’re of the philosophy that if we go out there and accumulate all the data and clean it, if you will, and make sure that it’s all accurate with that very comprehensive list of events, we’re going to provide the best database of events out there,” Goldman (left, photo courtesy of Fampus) said.

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The Greatest Enemy of Today's Entrepreneur

Calling all entrepreneurs, this post is worthy of your attention! Being an entrepreneur myself, I can certainly relate to this and remember very well falling in love with projects and not using the critical thinking so necessary to avoid the pitfalls. If this reaches one person then I will feel that I helped a fellow traveler.

Wishful thinking

It’s been said that in warfare, the greatest enemy of victory is wishful thinking. The same can easily be said for today’s entrepreneur.

In its most basic definition, “wishful thinking” is believing something because of a desire that it be true. It’s thinking that ignores fact, and instead, relies on a premise for the conclusion to be true. For entrepreneurs, it can be a bias towards a certain solution (Solution A) which leads to the overestimating of the evidence supporting that solution. It can also result in the underestimation of evidence that supports other solutions besides Solution A.

Despite all the hoopla that entrepreneurs need to have passion in their endeavors and exhibit a “never give up” attitude, this type of flawed critical thinking can be deadly. In fact, it’s about the quickest way to run a new venture into the ground and go bust.

Instead, entrepreneurs need to separate well-reasoned critical thinking from passion. They need to have a clear head so that when challenges arise, they can apply unbiased problem solving techniques and be willing to take action and make the appropriate changes--pivoting as we like to say--when the problem has been defined and the cause(s) identified. With wishful thinking, one rarely gets past the stage of recognizing that, in fact, a problem even exists.

Written by Patrick Lefler
Customer Think Blog
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Twitter Referrals Easier to Track in Analytics Now

Twitter Referrals Easier to Track in Analytics Now | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |

This is certainly good news!


"A little over a month ago, we talked about how many websites might be getting a lot more traffic from Twitter than they realize.


A little over a month ago, we talked about how many websites might be getting a lot more traffic from Twitter than they realize. This is largely due to the way analytics programs handle links from the many available sources of Twitter curation.


Essentially, as social media analytics firm pointed out, analytics software has not been counting all Twitter referrals as Twitter referrals, mainly due to the fact that Twitter is accessible through a variety of channels via its API. That includes third-party clients and other sites that serve tweets. Many people link their Twitter accounts to their Facebook or LinkedIn accounts, for example, so in such cases, Twitter may have really been driving some of the referrals from those sources.


“When a user clicks a link in any kind of non-browser client, from Outlook to a desktop AIR app to the countless mobile and tablet apps, no referrer information is passed for that visit and your analytics software basically throws up its hands and puts the visit in the ‘Direct Traffic’ bucket,” explained’s Jonathan Strauss, the author of the report. “The assumptions behind this fallback behavior show just how arcane referrer analysis is — if a visit didn’t come from another webpage (i.e. no referrer data), someone must have typed the URL directly into their browser address bar.”

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Social Content Curation Shifts from Traditional

This article delivers, lots of great info, graphic and amazing interview with Howard Rhinegold and Robin Good, worth listening to more than once!


Here's an excerpt:


Social networking has definitely provided us with main channels for information flow. But in Curation: Understanding the the social firehose we are introduced to the fact that mainstream news reporting not only contributes to or makes use of this social news firehose, but is now also getting involved in curation – because SOMEONE has to make sense of the flow of citizen reporting of events.

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