Life After 'Like': How to Mobilize Your Loyal Audience Into an Army of Active Influencers | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |

This is an excellent piece from Marketingprofs with information and strategy you need to know to build your business.


Online marketers have a dirty little secret. They've got no idea what to do once they've hit their initial quantitative social media goals. Sure, they've got (a million) Facebook "likes," they've engaged their legions of Twitter followers, and they've created more custom content than Wikipedia. But now what?

No matter your marketing objectives—increasing sales, gathering leads, gaining word-of-mouth exposure, boosting brand awareness, or otherwise—social media provides a breeding ground for authentic, real-world advocates.

But although brands and customers are engaging on a more intimate and frequent level than ever, relative bottom-line results are still up for debate. Converting "good feelings" into real-world recommendations and sales—whether online or offline–requires being able to influence action. That ultimately leads to the question, Once you have an engaged and loyal audience, how do you mobilize it into an active army of influencers?

The following five steps will not only give marketers what they need to convert their loyal audiences into active brand advocates but also help them answer the nagging question, Now what?

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