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We’re Curating Cool Curators (and Want More!) | Content Curation on Inside Flipboard

We’re Curating Cool Curators (and Want More!) | Content Curation on Inside Flipboard | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |

“Cool Curators” is the Flipboard name for people who collect and share (usually via Twitter or a blog) interesting stuff from around the Web. These folks have their own category in our Content Guide, and still others are scattered about in places like Art & Photos and Tech & Science.


A few more cool curators are building curated sections just for Flipboard. Take @DodoFlip, for example, whose collection of “endangered objects (and other stuff)” is actually tied to a book released by HarperCollins.....

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Via Giuseppe Mauriello
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What is the future of Newspapers?

What is the future of Newspapers? | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |

 Ross Dawson and Gerd Leonhard discuss the future of news, great observations, thought provoking. 


They talk about the role of journalists, the delivery system other than paper, filtering, smaller niche audiences, how that will affect advertising dollars and much more. Very interesting, definitely worth your time.


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Photo Curation Goes Mainstream - Fotopedia Arrives on Flipoard

The mobile Web is fostering a remarkable renaissance in traditional art forms such as photography—surprisingly, right alongside the explosion of videos, games, gossip, tweets, and other distractions.

And if there’s one organization that has figured out how to use the Web and the latest mobile gadgets to showcase great images, it’s Paris- and San Francisco-based Fotonauts, creator of the online photo curation community Fotopedia and seven related mobile apps.

I’ve been following this company for three years now, and I think they make the most elegant photo apps available for tablets and smartphones, including the marquee Fotopedia Heritage and National Parks apps and the more self-contained travelogues Above France, Dreams of Burma, Memory of Colors, North Korea, and Paris.

With the Fotopedia magazine on Flipboard “the goal is to push the stories everywhere, so that we extend our ecosystem in a huge way,” says Jean-Marie Hullot, the Apple veteran who founded Fotonauts in 2006. “I think we are the only one in the industry equipped to deal with thousands of pictures, absorb them, make sense of them, curate them, give them the right structure, and distribute the product.” Even as it makes its Flipboard debut, the company is rolling out other publishing and business-model changes designed to make the venture-funded startup into “a photo platform for the 21st century,” in Hullot’s words.

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Robert Scoble tells Howard Rhinegold how he successfully curates content

Once again, Howard Rhinegold has brought us an excellent interview on "how to" curate content from Robert Scoble, one of the best curators on tech.

Here are my takeaways:

Pick a niche, seek out and follow reliable sources and build lists on people who blog, write or tweet on the subject. Learn everything you can about this topic. Become an expert. Use tools to help you aggregate pertinent news and content about this subject.

And here's where you become really valuable to others: consistently select relevant and timely articles or content about this topic, identify and interpret patterns, then add your own thoughts. This clarifies things, invites further discussion, and expands the conversation.

There's so much more and this is definitely worthy of your time if you're serious about curating content and becoming great at it!!

I can't wait to read the book Howard is working on now, I'm sure it will be very valuable to those of us in this arena.

Intro: Howard Rhinegold

Increasingly, curation is becoming an important participation/collaboration skill for digital citizens. I interviewed Robert Scoble, one of the most prolific...
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