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Curation, Social Business and Beyond
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Stuff Curators Say - [Parody]

Guillaume Decugis, brought this to my attention today as I was in the middle of curating a very serious piece for one of my other topics:-).

In response to the original Mashable article, "S**t People Say", the scoopit team Ally Greer and Axelle Tessandier ...did a parody on 'S**t Curators Say". (I wonder who this character is supposed to be:-)

Thanks guys, this is hilarious. It's good to laugh at ourselves!!

Selected by Jan Gordon covering "Content Curation, Social Business and Beyond"

See video here:

Karen Dietz's comment, February 3, 2012 9:52 AM
What a hoot! Thanks for sharing.
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The Link Economy, Google, Curators, et al provide value Directing People to Content

The Link Economy, Google, Curators, et al provide value Directing People to Content | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |
In this piece, Jeff Jarvis asks us to look at content from a different perspective and ask ourselves as business people, where does the real value lie? He uses Facebook as an example of the old way of evaluating it. Relationships, data, relevance.

He says, "content is a signal generator that reveals interest, needs, sometimes locations and more. There are more ways to recognize the merits of content rather than the traditional way of selling audiences to advertisers.

He goes on to say that Google, curators, Facebook, aggregators, bloggers, et al are providing a great service by selecting and bringing relevant content around a topic to the people who are searching for answers and solutions.

By Jeff Jarvis - The Faster Times Media Tech.........
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The Evolving World of Content Curation

Great article helping us to get our arms around the ever changing world of content curation. Defining it, who does it and how we can curate with purpose and so much more.


This story will continue to grow and change and it's fascinating to watch it and be part of a community where we're all working to make sense of this and help others stay informed at the same time.


Here's an excerpt: 


“A good curator must be skilled at: (Does one person possess all these qualities or will people work as a team in the future?)


locating and evaluating valuable content organizing and connecting content so that it is as accessible as possible


creating and re-purposing content when it adds to the underlying value


capitalizing on the Social Web to build connections and context building trusted

relationships with learners and other curators


design learning experiences (in a much broader sense than traditional approaches)”

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